Elder Service Providers
Elder Service Providers

Thanks to everyone who attended the conference, and to the Vendors, Sponsors and Committee members who made it possible.  It was a wonderful day of support, education, and networking.



               April Luncheon Sponsor


ESP Mission:          

To develop a collaborative consortium of professionals providing services to seniors in our region.
  • To provide information and educational opportunities to consumers and professionals.
  • To foster a philosophy of a seamless continuum of care throughout the region.
Regular Events:
Membership Benefits:
  • Network with other providers in a friendly, collaborative environment.
  • Become familiar with local and regional resources.
  • Opportunity to exhibit at Caregiver Conference.
  • Contribute to Member News and Events Calendar on website.
  • Opportunity to sponsor a luncheon and present your company to members
  • Listing of organization and members in membership directory.


 Please join us

 Wednesday, April 22nd

11:30 - 1:00   

   Bellingham Golf

and Country Club

sponsored by 

Westford Funeral Home and Cremation Service

featured speaker

Ginny Rutherford

RSVP now for our April luncheon

Ginny Rutherford has been an interior
designer for the past 20 years. She 
owned and managed 23rd St. Interiors 
in Bellingham for 12 years and later 
started her own paint line called 
Philosophy Color, which was featured 
in interior design showrooms in 
three states. She is a Certified 
Architectural Color Consultant, has 
trained other designers in color, 
and is currently working on a new 
project called “The Perfect Designer 

Ginny takes a unique approach to 
color and design. She has studied 
with a color Psychologist in Portland 
and understands the effect that color 
and balance have on a physiological 
and psychological level. She is very 
intuitive about what makes for great 
space and is intentional about 
creating sacred and healing space 
for her clients.

Always entertaining and passionate, 
Ginny will discuss how improving 
color, lighting and design in your 
surroundings will have a positive 
impact on your customers, co-workers, 
family members, and yourself!







We need your RSVP to plan for enough food. 

Without a reservation, you may be asked to wait until those

with reservations have been accommodated.

  Lunch is $16 with RSVP or $25 without RSVP by the Monday before the meeting

             Pay by credit card  online                   

Cash, check or credit card at the door







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